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Stable and constant source of income. What does it mean?

regular and stable source of income

Dear Sir, 

as you know, one of the main demands of the Voivodian Office – when you are applying for TRC – is having a stable and constant source of income sufficient to cover the foreigners’ subsistence expenses and the subsistence expenses on foreigners’ family.

What is then the source of stable and regular source of income?

According to verdicts of Polish Courts if we want to know what is the source of stable and regular income we have to consider all incomes achieved by a foreigner from all legal sources.

In turn, the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw (signature – IV SA/WA 2532/13) considers, that a stable and regular income is any income that doesn’t change for a long period. Regularity means that income is repetitive in equal periods. 

What can be the source of income?

Well…according to Polish courts verdicts and practice the source of income can be for example:

  • incomes from apartment rental;
  • interest from deposited cash;

What about money on a bank account? Can it be the source of income?

Unfortunately not. The reason is that money put on a bank account can finish :). They have finite nature

The next thing is how to describe the stable and regular source of income?

What is the lower limit? Well. The answer is in the act – Law on Social Assistance. The regulation by the Council of Ministers based on the act below indicates that the minimum income criterion is:

  1. for a single person – 701 zł;
  2. for a person in a family – 528 zł.

You have to remember that the family members don’t have to share a joint household with the applicant (according to court verdicts).


If you need help from a lawyer with applying for a residence card – do not hesitate to ask me :).

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